Rivals of Aether

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Rivals of aether though not a very famous one, it still has a story behind it. Here we go through the history of this game, the developer of it, and how he got into making this game.

Initial steam release tralier

Dan Fornace

Dan Fornace was an independent developer in college, where he released a fan made game called super smash land. Super smash land was a game that was made to resemble super smash brothers but, on the Gameboy, where everything was mono-coloured and the art style like a gameboy’s. This game hit a very good success, with with over 500 000 downloads. This is good especially for a free, game that was made for fun as a hobby. Later Dan worked for Microsoft, being the Design Consultant on Trials Evolution, Mark of the Ninja, Joe Danger 2: The Movie, Dust: An Elysian Tail and Ori and the Blind Forest. He then would leave Microsoft to work on his independent game, Rivals of Aether.

Rivals of Aether

Dan Fornace and flashygoodness began development on Rivals of Aether in April of 2014. On July, the first two character were announced from the game, Zettaburn and Orcane. And then at August, it was said that the game would be coming for the xbox one as well, including two new characters announced, Wrastor and Kragg. On 2015, a full development team came in and broadened the game out, with online play and servers. It also included the release of yet another two new characters, Forsburn and Maypul. In March 2016 released the final two non-dlc characters, Etalus and Absa. The game got realesed on the 29 Mar, 2017. Ever since then, many events occurred with the game, including major tournament being held on September 2016 on smash.gg, which was an amazing honour for Dan Fornace.